Xiaomi Smart Fish Tank Geometry Control AI Fish Tank Automatic Fish Food Feeding With Button On Tank Or from a smartphone that can change 16 million colors

+ Free rocks under the sea (valued at 219 baht)

XiaoMi Smart Aquarium Geometry Control AI Fish Tank

  • 15L price 3988 baht
  • 30L price 5588 baht


- Adjust the LED lighting to suit the room through the app.

- 3 levels of oxygen supply system

- 4-layer water filtration system

- Reminder to change water

- Adjust and control the water temperature 18-32 degrees Celsius to suit each type of fish (Heater is suitable for adjusting the water temperature in the cold air room. Or cold city)

Automatic feeding

Concerns about regular daily fish feeding. Will be fixed by the automatic feeding function. With a single press of the button via the mobile app (press 1 time, 0.3 g of food is released).

Water quality monitoring system
The tank has three levels of oxygen and 4 layers of water filtration system to kill bacteria. And the water tank also has a TDS water quality detection system, the water tank will alert the user's smartphone if the water needs to be changed.

There is no need to change the water frequently. It is a multi-filter system. With biochemical filter and quality bacterial nitrifying Changing the water is very easy. Just press the button to drain part of the water and add water.

Change up to 16 million colors of lights.

18 LED lights can be adjusted in up to 16 million colors via the app, with ambient lighting for the 30-liter model, the inside of the aquarium has a clear view. With ultra clear glass Resistant to scratches and stains

Spare parts are easy to find. Only change part
Modular design of Xiaomi smart fish tank makes its users a real convenience. In case one of the equipment is damaged You don't have to buy a whole new one. Just replace the damaged parts only. The manufacturer still has plans to develop better parts to make the aquarium ecosystem more efficient in the future.

Filter life Minimum maximum efficiency of 21 days to 1 month (for large number of fish farming).
For raising a small number of fish Can be used up to 2 months.

AI intelligent aquarium size

  • 15L : width 22.5 cm, length 38.4 cm, height 28 cm

Inside the box (Firm cushioning foam)

DC 12V

Weight 7.8 kg

  • 30 L: width 30.6 cm, length 38.4 cm, height 37 cm
    Inside the box (Firm cushioning foam)
    There is a compartment for planting crops on the lid of the cabinet.
    Plus, ceramic soil, bio-spherical sludge, Ceramsite Sand, Ceramsite Sand, Ceramics Clay (replaces the soil in the top growing channel).
    DC 24V

Weight 12.5 kg

6 months additional service to take care of the water pump box (privilege only for old customers)

Package 148 baht (including delivery of products back to the place) *

* Condition The water pump box is in perfect condition. And still able to connect the electrical system to use No traces of unpacking the pump (When delivered)

The water pump box after using for a long time has symptoms such as low water pressure, light output, water does not flow from the pump, etc.

The customer only issued the shipping cost. Come to the address of the warehouse or company office for repair. (Repair period and delivery within 8 days)
Exclusively for former Fujis customers Service within 6 months (other than the condition, additional technician service fee)
If the technician can't fix the problem Able to use the receipt to withdraw the shipping cost to the company and receive the product back. Or provide additional services in the following order
Conditions as specified by the company We reserve the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice.

XiaoMi Intelligent Fish Tank Geometry Control AI Fish Tank Aquarium

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฿3,988.00Sale Price
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