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Personal Information Protection Policy

Fuji Siam 888 Co., Ltd. ("E-Commerce Platform" or "Platform")  is an online marketplace or online shopping platform. Its site launched in 2018, with a business model of selling inventory to customers from its own warehouses. 

Fuji Siam 888 Co., Ltd. shall acknowledge the importance of personal information, and hereby pledge to devote thorough efforts to the proper treatment and protection of personal information, based on the following policy.

Therefore, ecommerce platforms are concerned with respecting the right to the privacy of our customers and the security of their personal information. By establishing policies, regulations and various criteria In the operation of e-commerce platforms with strict measures to protect the security of personal information. So that customers can be confident that Your personal information that the Platform receives will be used in accordance with your requirements and legally.


1. What personal information does the Platform collect, use and / or disclose?

Personal information is information that allows you to personally identify you. Either direct or indirect, including
Personal information you provide directly to the Platform Or through the platform Or exist with the Platform, either through the use of products and / or services, contact, visit, search via digital channels, website, call center, assignee Or any other channel


Your personal information that Platform collects, uses and / or discloses, such as
- Personal information such as your full name, address, parcel, delivery
- Contact information such as home address, phone number, e-mail address addressing the parcel address.
- Other information such as website usage, still images, and animation And any other information that is considered personal information under the Privacy Law


2. Platform collects, uses and / or discloses your personal information. For what purpose?

  • To operate necessary within the legitimate interest of the Platform. Or of another person or juristic person Without exceeding the scope that you can reasonably expect (Legitimate Interest) such as

(1) Sound recording via Call Center, CCTV recording
(2) Maintaining customer relations such as handling complaints. Satisfaction assessment Customer care by platform staff   Notifications or offers of products and / or services The same type of platform that you have with the platform is useful to you.
(3) Making personal information anonymous data
(4) Contact, recording, sound recording related to meeting, training, recreation or booth.
(5) receiving-delivery of parcels


  • In order for you to benefit from using products and / or services As you choose to give your consent, for example

(1) To provide you with better products and / or services. And in accordance with your needs
(2) in order for you to receive an offer Special benefits, advice and news Including the right to participate in special activities
Be it products and / or services, benefits, promotions, news or special events of the Platform.


3. Who may the platform disclose your personal information to?
The Platform may disclose your personal information to others with your consent or under the criteria permitted by law. The person or entity that receives the information will collect, use and / or disclose your personal information to the extent you have given your consent or the extent applicable to the policy.

The Platform may disclose your personal information for purposes such as providing services to you. For analysis and development of products and / or services For conducting research or preparing statistical data For the promotion and publicity of the Platform The Platform may be disclosed to individuals or entities such as the Personal Data Processor. Subcontractor Financial Institutions Auditors External Auditors Legal authority Any entity or person Who have a relationship or have a contract with the Platform This includes management, employees, contractors, agents, platform consultants.


4. How long does the platform keep your personal information?
The Platform will retain your personal information for the period necessary during which you are a customer or in connection with the Platform. Or throughout the period necessary to achieve the relevant objectives of the policy.

5. How does your personal data protection platform?
The platform will keep your personal information well in accordance with technical measures and administrative measures. (Organizational Measure) to maintain the security of the appropriate processing of personal information. And to prevent the violation of personal information The platform has established policies, regulations and criteria for the protection of personal information such as information technology security standards. And measures to prevent recipients from leaving the Platform, using or disclosing information outside of their intended purpose. Or without authority or without And the platform updates such policies, regulations and guidelines from time to time. As necessary and appropriate

Additionally, the management, employees, contractors, agents, consultants and recipients of the Platform are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of personal information in accordance with the confidentiality measures established by the Platform.


6. What are your rights regarding personal information?

Your rights in this section are legal rights that you should know. Which you can request to exercise various rights Can be under the terms of the law And the policies set now or will be amended in the future. As well as the rules as specified by the platform And in the event that you are not at least 20 years old or are limited in your ability to do legal acts You can ask to exercise the rights by giving parents. Ruler Or has an authorized person to act on behalf of the person who wishes

  • Right to withdraw consent

  • Right to access information

  • Right to transfer information

  • Right to object

  • Right to request erasure or destruction of data

  • Right to request to suspend use of information

  • Right to request correction of information

  • Right to complain

Your exercise of the above-mentioned rights may be limited under applicable law. There are instances where there is a need for the Platform to refuse or fail to fulfill your request to exercise any of the above rights, such as complying with a law or a court order. For the public good Exercise may violate the rights or freedoms of others, etc. If the Platform rejects the above request, it will notify you of the reason for the refusal.


7. What are cookies?
Cookies are files created by the website you visit. Which allows you to do things Make your online browsing easier by saving browsing data. The website uses cookies to keep you logged in. Remember your website preferences And provide you with relevant content


8. How do we use cookies?
We will store website visit information from all visitors through cookies or Nearby technology To improve the efficiency of the use of our platform and the access to our services via the Internet. It is used for the following cases.

  1. To allow you to be able to continuously and securely log in to your account on our platform.

  2. To save information on your platform Information content Including the platform format that you have set up

  3. To study usage behavior and visit your platform To develop and improve the website to meet your needs as possible.

  4. To study overall platform visitor behavior And to develop the website to be able to use it more easily, quickly and efficiently


10. Types of cookies we use
Our website contains the following cookies:

  1. Platform Functional Cookies (Functionality Cookies): Used to remember your selections or settings on the platform. This includes providing personalized information such as user account name, language and platform format.

  2. Advertising Cookies: Used to remember what you have visited. Including the nature of your use To present products, services or advertising media that are relevant and relevant to your interests And assess the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns

  3. Technical cookies (Strictly Necessary Cookies): are types of cookies that are necessary for the use of the platform. To provide you with comprehensive and secure access to information

  4. Performance Cookies: Used to anonymously collect information about the platform's visitors. And to analyze the number and behavior of the visitors To improve the platform to be more efficient and meet the needs of the users.

  5. Third-party Cookies: These cookies are used by third party service providers such as Google Analytics.


11.Cookie settings
In the event that you do not wish the User's data collected through cookies, software and measurement tools. You can delete or decline cookies. Or some measurement software through a browser If you remove cookies You will be logged out of the website. And your saved preferences may be deleted. In the following way



How do you contact the Personal Information Protection Officer?
If you have suggestions Or would like to inquire about details of the collection, use and / or disclosure of your personal information You can contact the Personal Data Protection Officer. Through the following channels

FUJIS Center: Tel. 02-7372688

Email: (Send to "เจ้าหน้าที่ควบคุมข้อมูลส่วนบุคคล" DPO)

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