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For stores that are registered as a corporate entity and are brand owners/official distributors.

Start selling with FUJIS


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Ready to sell? Launch your brand today with a powerful playbook for new sellers. The fastest-growing and preferred acquisition channel for over half our multichannel sellers.

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Sale Transaction Fee

Calculated from product price

For example, a product with a price of 100 Baht
Use discount code (issued by FUJIS) 22 Baht

Payment amount after discount 88 Baht

Sale Fee 1 Baht

Service Charge and Payment Fee 2.46 Baht

Please read the Appendix on Fees for more details.

Green Phone

Service Charge and Payment Transaction Fee

Calculated from payment amount
(Amount after deducting any discounts)

Become a Seller, Official Store
For stores that are registered

✔️ Company Registration Certificate
✔️ Por Por 20, Por Por 01 or Por Por 09
✔️ Bankbook
✔️ Trademark Certificate (Brand Owner) or
Brand Owner Power of Attorney (for dealers)

 Special Benefits 

Added a chance to list items from official stores. Push the product to the top of the search engine from Google. make the brand more known

Write content that attracts Create benefits for those who come through to read. and invites you to follow to promote the product indirectly in another form

New products are displayed on the front page of the Fujis platform. Increase the opportunity to increase the opportunity to close sales continuously.

Cancellation of selling fees (Based on product price) Free for new official stores for the first month.

Cancel the entrance fee worth 888 Baht for free.

Generate promo code Help introduce new products and encourage new customers to try a brand or service. And it also helps to attract old customers to come back.

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