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Fuji Siam 888 Co., Ltd. ("E-Commerce Platform" or "Platform")  is an online marketplace or online shopping platform. Its site launched in 2018, with a business model of selling inventory to customers from its own warehouses. Fuji Siam 888 Co., Ltd. shall acknowledge the importance of personal information, and hereby pledge to devote thorough efforts to the proper treatment and protection of personal information, based on the following policy.

Many large foreign companies need to save cost in recruiting and recruiting personnel. Plus most of the manufacturing plants have employees coming in and out on a regular basis. FUJIS help reduce the burden of employee expenses such as uniforms, transportation, welfare and other problems that will follow.  Having this control over the supply chain, and a just-in-time and true value approach, allows FUJIS to gain these Thai largest companies' trust in the long term.


คัดคุณภาพ แบรนด์แท้ ดูแลด้วยใจ

at the Heart of Selected High-Quality products 

In addition, the company also has international dealings for goods and services. Import and distribution of retail-wholesale products for Thais at a cheaper price. Compete with better quality and services.

Your feedback and suggestions at LINE: @fujisiam888 is most appreciated for the improvement of products and services.

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