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Cash on Delivery (COD) *
You can choose to pay . . .

* Under the COD conditions, the recipient is required to pay a 3% service charge for the carrier: 3% of the Total after placing an order via the online platform. For example, after placing an order on the platform, it shows the Total of 8,888 baht (8,000 Baht product price and 888 Baht EMS shipping fee).
. . . 8,888 + (8,888*3%=266.64) = 9,154.64
. . .  The total COD amount ≈ 9,154 Baht

FUJIS charges 3% for the order with a total payment of 8,000 (eight thousand baht) or more.
Cash On Delivery less < 8,000 FUJIS bears all the cash on delivery fees for valued customers.

How to COD
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